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Don't Get Stranded - Cooling System Maintenance

Summer’s coming, and with it, warmer temperatures, vacations, and longer trips. We don’t want to be downers, but if your car’s cooling system isn’t up to par, things could go from fun-in-the-sun to...

— by Rick


Does your vehicle have a TIMING BELT?If so, (read on and see how you can receive $25.00 off on any timing belt replacement) there are replacement mileage intervals, recommended by the veh...

— by RICK

Tuffy’s New Campaign Delivers Industry-First Guarantee

Tuffy’s New Campaign Delivers Industry-First Guarantee   Brand Becomes First Chain to Partner With ToYourRESCUE   Tuffy—one of the...

Tuffy Sells Tires

Tuffy offers a full line of tire brands to choose from.  We mount and balance tires and can also align your vehicle. Check with us for a quote.  We are your ONE STOP  auto repair and...

— by Rick

We Rotor Match Brakes

With our new state of the art "on the car" -  "PRO-CUT" brake lathe, we not only remove the lateral run-out of the rotor but the run-out also present in the wheel bearing.  The advan...

— by Rick

Improve Gas Mileage

Deposits that build up in the fuel and air induction systems of your engine effect your vehicles drivability and robs your of gas mileage.  Our "BG" Fuel Induction System Service" will remove ...

— by Rick

Lifetime Warranty Bendix Brake Pads

Our quality Bendix brake pads come with a LIFETIME pad warranty.  When you wear the pads out we will provide the pads and all you pay for is the labor for installatioin.

— by Rick

Save Money on Gas with these 5 Habits

Save You Money on Gas with these 5 Habits   Your driving habits and vehicle maintenance (or lack of maintenance) can impact your vehicle’s fuel ef...

Expert Tips for Parents of Teen Drivers

Expert Tips for Parents of Teen Drivers There are many websites that offer resources for parents of teen drivers.  Here are a four of our favorite...

All Time Favorite Road Trips in the US – Route 66

All Time Favorite Road Trips in the US – Route 66   Looking for Adventure: The Mother Road   The Historic Route 66 is affectionate...

Tire Safety & Maintenance

Tire Safety & Maintenance   Tires are an important safety feature on your car. Your tires are the only points where your vehicle maintains cont...

Car Safety Supplies Checklist

Car Safety Supplies Checklist  Any trip can encounter unexpected road trouble, from the occasional flat tire to the flat-out, scary, white-out, nort...

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