Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Lincoln Tire Safety: Washington vs. Lincoln

March 28, 2021

Welcome to the Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Lincoln automotive blog. Today, let's talk about the effect of tire wear. Let's focus on stopping in wet Lincoln conditions. In order for a tire to have good contact with the road, it has to move the water out of the way. If it can't move the water, the ... More

The Engine Gets a Boost (Turbocharged Engine Maintenance)

March 21, 2021

If someone told you that your vehicle could have the same power but with a smaller engine, wouldn't that sound like great idea? Just think, a smaller engine would save you money at the gas station and you'd still get the same horsepower. The technology to do just that has been around for a long t... More

Beware Dangers of Spring Driving (Seasonal Driving Tips)

March 14, 2021

Sure, winter is quickly fading in the rearview mirror, but the peril of icy roads is replaced with a whole new set of driving challenges in spring. Deer and other wildlife. You are not the only one who gets spring fever. Animals do, too, and spring is the time they start looking for mates and fo... More

Not Too Hot and Not Too Cold (Temperature Gauge)

March 7, 2021

You know your body temperature is supposed to be 98.6 degrees F, 37 degrees C. Your vehicle has a normal temperature, too, and if you pay attention to it, that can save you some big headaches down the road. Many vehicles have a temperature gauge on the dash that takes the temperature of the engi... More