The Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Lincoln Guide to Saving Fuel: Beware of Myths

October 11, 2020

There's a lot of auto advice in Nebraska right now on how to save money on gas. Some of it is good advice. Some of it isn't. Some of it is myth. And it may well be a scam. Plain and simple. When someone offers you a product designed to save money on gas, ask yourself, Does this sound too good to ... More

Fuel Filter Service in Lincoln, Nebraska

September 15, 2019

There are a surprising number of small, inexpensive parts that can lead to expensive engine damage when they fail. It doesn't seem right.Fortunately a lot of those things can be taken care of in routine maintenance. They may not be ea... More

Service to Improve Fuel Economy

September 1, 2019

The price of gas in Nebraska has got people in Lincoln talking. It seems that Lincoln folks who need a bigger vehicle to carry family and gear, or provide four wheel drive, are hit especially hard. That is why we thought it would be ... More

Clean Fuel Makes a Happy Engine in Lincoln, Nebraska

June 30, 2019

If the fuel system in your vehicle is dirty, you will be hurting your engine and losing performance as you drive around Lincoln, Nebraska.Unless they drive a vintage car, Lincoln auto owners have fuel injectors which need to be properly maintained. That is why your vehicle owner's manual has a sc... More

Alternative Fuel Vehicles in Lincoln, Nebraska

June 2, 2019

Let's talk about alternative fuel vehicles. In their quest to reduce the use of fossil fuels and harmful exhaust emissions in our Nebraska environment, automakers will have a number of alternatives for Lincoln drivers very soon.For instance, Flex Fuel vehicles are already available in the... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Auto Myths Around Lincoln

May 5, 2019

With high fuel prices in Lincoln, Nebraska, comes lots of gas saving advice. Some of it, like what you hear on is great. When you get one of those e-mails that's going around telling you how to save gas, try to think it through.Does it really make sense? Does it defy the laws of physics... More

Fuel Injector Cleaning at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Lincoln

February 10, 2019

In very simple terms, a fuel injector is a valve that squirts fuel into your vehicle engine. Your engine control computer tells the fuel injector how much fuel to deliver as well as the precise time it should be delivered. Of course this happens thousands of times a minute in every single... More

Professional Fuel System Cleaning

September 9, 2018

Getting adequate fuel to your engine is very important for performance, fuel economy and safety. In order to accomplish this, your fuel system needs to be clean.Today's production cars have fuel injectors, rather than a carburetor. The injectors need to be cleaned from time to time in orde... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Dirty Oil in Your Lincoln Vehicle

August 26, 2018

If you're a quart low in your vehicle, there isn't enough motor oil to lubricate your engine properly. The extra friction causes drag that reduces fuel economy while you're driving around the Lincoln area.The same goes for dirty oil; it doesn't reduce friction properly. The result is you g... More

Fuel Filter Replacement

August 12, 2018

Hello Lincoln resident! You would never like to drink a glass of mud, right? Well, your vehicle feels the same way. It needs a steady supply of clean fuel in order to run well and deliver good fuel economy. The fuel filter's job is to clean dirt and rust out of the fuel before it gets to y... More