Suspension Service at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Lincoln in Lincoln

October 30, 2017

During an inspection at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Lincoln in Lincoln, your friendly and knowledgeable automotive service technician will check for worn, broken or missing parts. Here's a quick rundown of suspension system components: There are the springs which hold the weight of your veh... More

Upgrade Shocks for Better Handling in Lincoln

October 31, 2016

Many Lincoln drivers probably don't think of their shock absorbers as an important safety system; but that's just what shocks and struts are. They're all about ride control keeping your vehicle tires in contact with the road and managing body motion.Every time you hit a bump or pothole on a L... More

Suspension Service At Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Lincoln In Lincoln

February 18, 2016

Suspension systems function effectively for many years and tens of thousands of miles. Eventually, however, SUV suspension components do wear out, but how long that takes depends a lot on how you drive around Lincoln and Roca. As you can imagine, if most of your driving is on smooth... More

Check Your Shocks and Struts at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Lincoln

September 29, 2015

Today we're talking to Lincoln auto owners about shocks and struts. They're so easy for Nebraska folks to forget about because they last so long and wear out so slowly. But your shocks are really responsible for keeping your tires on the road so they're very . Without shocks, your w... More